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Medical complex "Doverie"

MBAL Doverie is a modern medical complex functionally divided in diagnostic consultation center and multiprofile hospital for active treatment. The hospital Doverie is one of the first private hospitals in Bulgaria. It was created at the end of 2005 and more than 10 years is a part of “Doverie United Holding” PLC. This is modern European hospital different from the usual Bulgarian hospitals in all respects offering much more up-to-date services, equipment and bed capacity. 


To the patients of MBAL Doverie there are available:

- Medical center having its own laboratories and high-tech diagnostic equipment

- 9 specialised departments for in-patient care

- 4 operating theatres and in-patient facility with more than 100 beds


Besides the high-tech equipment and specialized departments, the medical complex Doverie, may offer to its patients surgery treatment with the only system in Sofia for robot-assisted surgery “Da Vinci”. More that 80% of all diagnostic and treatment procedures are preformed by applying non-invasive (bloodless) method by highly qualified teams using up-to-date endoscope equipment.


The team of MBAL Doverie aims at taking care of patients’ health providing them with both high quality medical care and the best ancillary servicing. This is why the team has developed and implemented a system to receive and analyse the feedback from patients. Through this system, all opinions and recommendations may reach the management teams. Thus, the patients’ expectations and real needs in the hospital Doverie play a key role in the assessment of medical complex work and in making the right decisions.


The guiding principles in the work of MBAL Doverie team are:

  • Reliability
  • Professional excellence
  • High quality
  • Correctness
  • Decency, humanity and ethics