Медицински комплекс ДОВЕРИЕ

Начало/Medical center "Doverie"

Medical center "Doverie"

Medical center “Doverie” offers a wide range of possibilities for diagnostic and consultation activity. It has the following specialised medical offices:

·         internal diseases

·         cardiology

·         gastroenterology

·         nephrology

·         endocrinology

·         neurology

·         surgery

·         orthopaedics and traumatology

·         urology

·         gynaecology

·         otolaryngology

·         оophthalmology

·         dermatology

·         clinical haematology

·         physical and rehabilitation medicine

·         psychiatry

·         paediatrics


The diagnostic units located in the complex territory perform: functional cardiology diagnostics; wide line of laboratory, microbiological and cytological studies; imaging diagnostics – чрез using the latest multislice scanner, X-ray, echography, mammography, bone density measuring apparatus; echocardiography with 4D option for pregnant women.


To make it easier for our patients, part of rooms of medical center “Doverie” are placed at the disposal of general practitioners, dentists, pharmacy and café.


Working hours

Information on the schedule of each of our specialists you may receive through our online module for scheduling hour or from our registration clerk – phone number 02 / 40 36 100.


With Doverie; Now also on Saturday.

We aim providing our patients not only with high quality medical care but also the best possible ancillary services concerning their actual needs and preferences.


We know that it is sometimes difficult in the dynamic everyday life for many people to plan and realise a visit for examination or study. This is why the medical center Doverie offers the most demanded diagnostic and consultation services also on Saturdays. 


First visit in the medical center "Doverie"

Scheduling the appointment for examination in the medical center in advance is an important condition to ensure the comfort of all our patients and the most smooth work process of the staff.  


At your visit, you should be at first registered at the respective desk which is located in the central lobby of the complex. Our receptionists will prepare the required documentation in order to perform the planned exams or studies and will provide you with the basic information concerning the further steps. From there our hostess will accompany you to the respective consulting room meanwhile answering your questions with respect to the opportunities and the internal rules in the medical center.