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Clinical laboratory
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Clinical laboratory

Head of laboratory: Dr. Svetlana Krusteva

Senior lab tech: Mariana Davidova


Checking results of examinations performed here.

The clinical laboratory of medical complex “Doverie“ offers a wide range of examinations made by experienced lab techs using latest methods. Strong connection is maintained with the teams of all specialties, and the modern equipment and the strict procedures of quality control ensure high confidence of results. Also patients referred from other healthcare establishments are attended as well as the customers of voluntary health insurance funds and self-referred patients for paid admission.


In the clinical laboratory a full variety is performed of:

  • clinical chemical tests – substrates, enzymes, electrolytes, microelements, lipid status
  • haematological and cytological tests
  • blood clotting
  • hormones and tumour markers
  • urine and body liquids
  • immunological tests
  • functional tests
  • glycosylated proteins


Useful information:

·         The work hours of laboratory are 07:30 – 19:30 (working days).

·         As most laboratory indicators are affected by the food intake, it is recommended to perform tests in the morning on empty stomach.

·         The tests prescribed are performed on the day of sampling and the results of the out-patients are provided after 15 h. They may be obtained in the laboratory or online.

·         If necessary, consultation may be held with the laboratory physician.