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Laboratory of histology and cytology
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Laboratory of histology and cytology


In the laboratory all cytological and histological tissue studies are performed covering wide field of diseases:

·         oncological

·         surgical

·         gynaecological

·         gastroenterological

·         dermatological

·         orthopaedic



·        Cytological sector

·         Histological laboratory

·         Histology archives and library


The materials are obtained from the medical consultation offices, manipulation rooms and operating theatres of respective departments. Due to the modern equipment their processing is very fast. This is apparent convenience when conducting emergency intraoperative studies - for illness of breast, ovaries or colon, fro example the examination can be done within 10 minutes from receiving the material by the surgery unit.


Also the possibility is offered for processing and diagnostics of biopsies and cytological materials from external institutions – hospitals, medical centers or private healthcare establishments, as well as the option for consultations of ready samples.



·         Histological studies – 5 days

·         Cytological studies – 1 day


Annually, in the lab of histology and cytology more than 24,000 studies are processed.


Cytological diagnostics of punctures and secretions – per 1 pcs

25.00 BGN

Smear test - per 1 pcs

25.00 BGN

Control smear test

20.00 BGN

Control biopsy

60.00 BGN

Histological diagnostics of surgical biopsy

80.00 BGN

Histological diagnostics for biopsy from operational intervention

100.00 BGN

Histological diagnostics of skin biopsy

100.00 BGN

Histological diagnostics of biopsy

80.00 BGN

Express smear test of female sexual organs

40.00 BGN

Consultation on ready histological sample

40.00 BGN