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Laboratory of transfusion haematology
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Laboratory of transfusion haematology

Head of laboratory: Dr. Maya Chrischeva


MBAL „Doverie” is one of the few private hospitals in Sofia city with its own laboratory of transfusion haematology. By this lab, the territory of complex is ensured with timely medical diagnostics, supply with blood and blood products, consultations and hemotrasfusion of patients according to all requirements of good laboratory practice.


The following can be performed:

·         determining blood groups, subgroups and phenotypes;

·         determining antibodies and selection of blood for each patient;

·         extended samples for compatibility with all recipients;

·         ensuring supply, storage, maintenance of reserve and dispatching blood and blood products;

·         optimization of clinical application of blood and blood products and transfusion supervision in order to ensure and maintain its quality;

·         providing consultation assistance with respect to the transfusion haematology procedures. 


All operations are performed according to the requirements of Law on blood, blood donation and blood transfusion and the medical standard „Transfusion haematology”.