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Microbiological laboratory

Head of laboratory: Dr. Reni Peicheva


In the microbiological laboratory studies are conducted изследвания to find the microbial causer of infectious disease and to identify the most appropriate antibiotic treatment. The issue is on the diseases of digestive system, respiratory system, urinary and reproductive systems, skin and soft tissues, and so on.


We use classical methods – microscopy studies, microbes isolating through cultures, fast tests of clinical material. The timely and correct diagnostics is ensured by using the latest laboratory equipment, high quality consumables and continuous contact of the skilled team with all specialist physicians of medical complex „Doverie“. 

the microbiological laboratories studies are made of:

  • secretions – faucal, nasal, ocular, from wound, of the genital system
  • urine – for sterility
  • faceces – for nursery and school, for health book
  • material for mycoplasma /ureaplasma
  • material for chlamydia /dry test/
  • identification of isolated pathogenic causer
  • making antibiogram of isolated pathogenic causer


Useful information:

  ·       The work hours of laboratory are 08:00 – 18:00 (working days).

  ·       The results of studies may be obtained

  ·       If necessary, consultation may be held with the laboratory physician.  

Complete list of studies conducted


Microbiological studies of:

Ocular secretion

22.00 BGN

Ear secretion

22.00 BGN

Nasal secretion

18.00 BGN

Faucal secretion

22.00 BGN

Of sputum

22.00 BGN

Vaginal secretion

22.00 BGN

Cervical secretion

22.00 BGN

Urethral/ prostatic secretion

22.00 BGN


22.00 BGN

Wound material and pus

22.00 BGN

Faeces for salmonella, shigella, pathogenic E Coli, candida

22.00 BGN

Faeces - health booklet

27.00 BGN

Test of urine for urine culture - single

16.00 BGN

Test of urine for urine culture - triple

23.00 BGN

Mycoplasma /ureaplasma with antibiogram in urine and sexual secretions

30.00 BGN

Trihomonas – fast test

20.00 BGN

Gonorrhea - fast test

20.00 BGN

Chlamydia - dry test

20.00 BGN

Antibiogram with minimum 6 disks

7.00 BGN

Taking secretion (eye, nose, throat ) at place in the lab

3.50 BGN

Package kindergarten

15.00 BGN

Package nursery – child

14.00 BGN

Nursery – adult

5.00 BGN

Package parasites for children visiting kindergarten and being absent for more than 2 months

8.00 BGN

Morphologic studies of faeces

12.00 BGN

UHIF – health booklet

20.40 BGN