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Financing and funds

Health insured patients - NHIF

Medical complex “Doverie” is working with the National health insurance fund /NHIF/, which guarantees covering costs of all insured patients with the standard referrals for:

  • Consultation (Referral No 3)
  • Highly-specialised procedures (Referral No 3а)
  • Medical and diagnostic procedures (Referral No 4)
  • Hospitalization (Referral No 7)

For in-patient treatment these patients pay only the user fee for stay. You can obtain information from the information board placed in the lobby of the medical complex or from the team at the registration desk whether you fall in the patient category exempted from such fee.

Additional services connected with payment by the patient are:

  • fee for choice of team or doctor in case such opportunity has been used
  • Occupant day fee
  • Some expensive consumables expressly described in the algorithm of clinical pathway according to which the procedures are performed

Patients with additional health insurance

The medical complex works with a lot of voluntary health insurance funds registered in Bulgaria:

  • Bulstrad Vienna Insurance group AD
  • Uniqa Life Ad
  • United Health Insurance Fund (UHIF) Doverie” SA
  • Euroins- Health Assurance LLC
  • DZI Life Insurance EAD
  • Generali Insurance AD
  • FiHealth Insurance
  • Nadejda Insurance Company AD
  • ZAD Victoria
  • Insurance Company Medico-21 JSC
  • Zdravnoosiguritelen Institut AD
  • Insurance Company Bulgaria

These patients are provided by the medical complex “Doverie” with wide set of medical services according to the conditions of their voluntary health insurance packages. More information on the funds we work with you can read here.

Fro detailed information and scheduling of exam they can contact our coordinators to the phone 02 / 40 36 121 or e-mail mc_zof@mbal.doverie.bg.

Patients who pay themselves for the services provided

Any consultation, diagnostic and treatment procedures in the complex may be used also by persons who pay themselves for the services provided according to the price lists established in the medical center and the hospital.

You may be acquainted with this price list at the Registration desk: phone 02 / 40 36 100, as well as the information board in the lobby of the medical complex.