Медицински комплекс ДОВЕРИЕ



  • DZI

    DZI is one of the first companies in Bulgaria which offer covering the risks and concluding contract connected with the health of insured individuals. The payment of sums or recovery of expenses is directly related and is done in cases of treatment and use of medical care by the insured individuals.
    DZI – Life insurance offers to its client’s full scope of products in the field of health insurance covering different medicine sectors and addressed to the health needs of insured individuals. – The contracts for medical insurance are individual, family and group ones and both Bulgarian and foreign citizens can make use of them.

  • ZAD Bulgaria

    „INSURANCE JOINT STOCK COMPANY BULGARIA” is the new name of “HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY BULGARIA HEALTH”. The company starts its activity by offering complex health services matching the needs of corporate and individual clients.

  • FiHealth Insurance

    FiHealth Insurance offers:

    ·         customised approach and attention to resolve each particular case;

    ·         the coordinators of the fund take care:

    -          to appoint an examination for you with the proper physician specialist with minimum loss of time - FiHealth Insurance has contracts concluded with more than 450 medical establishments all over the country and access to the best physicians

    -          to control whether the examination has been actually conducted;

    -          to check the quality of treatment process

    -          after the end of examination, or treatment FiHealth Insurance assusmes the financial relations with the health establishment