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Anaesthesiology and intensive care

All patients who will undergo surgery under general anaesthesia will be consulted by anaesthesiologist preoperatively. Because the surgery activities are usually planned in MBAL "Doverie" beforehand, these consultations allow assessing the patent general status prior the surgery, and if concomitant pathology is available, to prepare the patient in outpatient conditions selecting the most appropriate time for undergoing surgical treatment. All patients who are highly risky with respect to concomitant diseases, will be consulted by the head of department, and in more complicated cases – in consultation with all anaesthesiologists and specialist of the respective departments.  


The surgical treatment of patients in MBAL "Doverie" includes anaesthesia for:

·         Abdominal surgery;

·         Gynaecological surgery (robot-assisted hysterectomies, conventional hysterectomies, laparoscopic v and smaller gynaecological surgeries);

·         Urological surgeries (prostatectomies, kidneys interventions, robot-assisted prostatectomies);

·         Orthopaedic surgeries (alloplastic surgery of hip and knee joints and other orthopaedic surgeries);

·         Endoscope studies and lithotripsies;