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Dermatology and venereology

In the dermatology and venereology offices of medical centers “Doverie“ and „Doverie SBT“ high quality services for diagnostics and therapy are provided to patients of all age groups. These services comprise: 


·         Examinations and treatment of skin and nail diseases (for adults and children) – acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis 

·         Diagnostics and treatment of fungus infections and skin tumours; removal of benign skin formations

·         Cryotherapy (treatment by liquid nitrogen) – for removal or additional treatment of corns, warts, and other skin growths

·         Diagnostics and confidential out-patient treatment of sexually transmitted diseases 

·         esthetical procedures– peeling, mesotherapy and procedures for face and neck skin rejuvenation


The medical centers have at their disposal laser systems Light Sheer and Alma Laser to perform wide line of healing and esthetical procedures and with the contemporary diode laser the most demanded cosmetic procedures are conducted – permanent epilation and laser rejuvenation.