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Endocrinology office

In the endocrinology office of medical center „Doverie” primary out-patient medical care is performed with modern methods for early diagnostics, appropriate therapeutic treatment and efficient prevention of patient with respect to the patient’s disease.


The following activities are carried out:

·         Detailed clinical examination aiming at physical status establishing

·      Instrument studies – the value of blood sugar is determined with glucometer, taking the neurological status of patients with diabetes mellitus, taking wound effluent from diabetic foot ulcer; echography

·    Work in close collaboration with specialist from the obstetrics and gynaecology offices, clinical laboratory, imaging diagnostics providing in this way the required additional studies. This includes:

-       indications of blood and urine level including hormonal studies and tests with quick results

-       ultrasound and X-ray studies

-       osteodensimetry

·         Interpretation of instrument specialised studies

·         Making of medical diagnosis

·         Preparation of individual treatment and prevention plan

·         Periodic control on the patient’s condition and correction of treatment plan