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Physical medicine and rehabilitation

In their work, the doctors of MC “Doverie” prepare individual rehabilitation program for each patient in sequence, volume and dosing according to the patient’s condition, the rehabilitation capacity found during the examination and the pathological findings diagnosed. Conformity id provided with all indications, contraindications and possible side effects. The physical factors are applied in combination or individually. Recommendations are given for the appropriate daily diet and motion regimen.
Medical activities
1. Kinesiotherapy
· Active kinesiotherapy
- exercise therapy
- Ergotherapy (occupational therapy)
- Step-by-step vertical erecting and training in walking
- Training to use prostheses
· Passive kinesiotherapy
- Therapeutic massage with specialised techniques
- manual therapy
- mechanotherapy – hardware massage
- postural therapy
- full-scale respiratory rehabilitation
· Specialised kinesiotherapy procedures:
- PIR (postisometric relaxation)
- PNMF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)
2. electrotherapy
· electric therapy with low-, medium- and high-frequency currents
· magnet therapy
· laser therapy and laser acupuncture
3. light therapy - infrared and ultraviolet irradiation
4. thermotherapy – heat therapy and cryo-therapy
5. inhalation therapy
6. hardware lymphatic drainage
7. ultrasound therapy

Diseases treated
- Diseases of central nervous system– with focus on the consequences of cerebrovascular diseases, disseminated sclerosis, Parkinson disease, other paralytic syndromes and other spinal cord diseases, consequence of traumas of head, neck and body
- Diseases of cranial nerves: neuralgia of trigeminal and occipital nerves, Bell's palsy
- Diseases of peripheral nervous system – radiculitis and polyradiculopathy, traumatic damages of peripheral nerves
- Conditions after surgery of herniated disc
- Diseases of skeletal–muscular system : fractures, distortions, luxation, contractures scoliosis osteoporosis, tendinitis, periarthritis, etc.
- Arthro-rheumatic diseases –rheumatoid arthritis, gout, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthrosis
- Diseases of respiratory system – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonias
- Diseases in infancy
- Inflammatory diseases of ears (otitis, cochlear neuritis), nose (rhinitis, sinusitis ) and throat (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis)
- Eye diseases
- Obstetric and gynaecological diseases – inflammatory, postoperative conditions, sterility
- Urological diseases - chronic prostatitis, incontinence
- Skin diseases – acne, psoriasis, scleroderma, Herpes zoster
- Rehabilitation of patients after surgery
- Rehabilitation of metabolic diseases
- Healing of wounds /diabetic wounds, infected surgery wounds, trophic wounds/
- Healing of cicatrix
- Healing of pain

Our patients
· In patient individuals from all departments - to those who have undergone surgery in the hospital within the clinical pathway the earliest rehabilitation is conducted corresponding to the rehabilitation capacity and modern medical standards .
· Patients referred by the general practitioner and specialists with referral No 3.
· Clients of the voluntary health insurance funds with whom MBAL „Doverie” has concluded contract

Also the option is proposed to admit patients for physiotherapy against payment. You may get acquainted with the prices established for the respective procedures at the Registration desk; phone. 02 / 40 36 100, as well as from the information board in the lobby of the medical complex

The department has at its disposal modern equipment of highly efficient features covering the full range of physical medicine.

Other healing programs
· Hardware lymphatic drainage for patients with lymph congestion of upper and lower limbs after oncological surgery and with cosmetic purpose for cellulite
· Group and individual kinesiotherapy for children with spinal curvatures
· Group and individual kinesiotherapy for patients with obesity
· hardware physiotherapy and individual kinesiotherapy program for training muscles of pelvic floor for patients with incontinence / micturition /.


Physical medicine and rehabilitation - MC "Doverie"

Package procedures

Trachealis, Bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma

800.00 BGN

Condition after infarction, heart surgery, vessel diseases

750.00 BGN

Ulcer, gastritis

750.00 BGN

Nephritis, pyelitis, cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, paraproctitis, renal calculi

640.00 BGN

Diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis

790.00 BGN

Disseminated sclerosis

1,000.00 BGN

Cerebrovascular disease after the acute phase (transient or with consequences); traumatic injuries of brain

950.00 BGN

Traumatic injuries and diseases of spinal column

950.00 BGN

Diseases of trigeminal nerve, occipital nerve, facial nerve

850.00 BGN


860.00 BGN

Parkinson disease

890.00 BGN

Neurosis, migraine

870.00 BGN