Медицински комплекс ДОВЕРИЕ



Head of department: Dr. Yordan Curchev


The department of gastroenterology is among the most developed units of the medical establishment - the quality and efficiency of health services provided here win the confidence of many patients and most of them address our team regularly for years.  


Studies and equipment

The specialist – gastroenterologists of medical complex - "Doverie"  operate state-of-the-art equipment for ultrasound and invasive diagnostics, and in performing some regular interventions – with video-endoscopic equipment.  


Several method types are used for diagnostic of abdominal organs:

·         Conventional and Doppler ultrasound diagnostics.

These are completely painless and non-hazardous methods to find quicklythe availability на of many widespread diseases of stomach and oesophagus.

·         Contrast-enhanced ultrasound

The department equipment enables making punctures and drains under ultrasound control and healing of liver metastases through thermal ablation and contrast-enhanced ultrasound.

·         Endoscopy

Gastroscopy (study of oesophagus, stomach and duodenum) or colonoscopy (study of colon); the procedures are related to careful examination of organs from the inside, taking sample material fro additional study as well as performing healing activities.


In cases when the invasive intervention should be done, the big experience of medical teams and the conditions in the department for gastroenterology, as well as the surgery unit itself are eminent prerequisites for good result. interventions frequently made are:

·         Polypectomy - endoscopic removal of polypus at colon;

·         Mucosal resection and submucosal dissection for removal of benign and early malignant neoplasms;

·         Endoscopic ligation of haemorrhoids

·         Oesophageal variceal (varicose veins) ligation (Varicose veins)