Медицински комплекс ДОВЕРИЕ



In the gynaecology medical offices of MC “Doverie“ pregnancy tracking, full gynaecological examinations and follow-up procedures are conducted. The main ones are:

·         Echography – ultrasound diagnostics

·         Colposcopy – non-invasive diagnostic method

·         Laparoscopy – endoscopic operation

·         Hysteroscopy – endoscopic diagnostics


Various diseases are treated of the female genital system in the gynaecological department of hospital “Doverie“ Some are:

·         Oncological gynaecology diseases

·         Uterus myomatosus

·         Ovarian cyst

·         Cervix dysplasia

·         Uterus prolapse

·         Urinary incontinence

·         Bleeding in menopause

·         Condyloma

·         Papilloma virus

·         HPV

·         Pelvic inflammatory diseases (genitals inflammation)


Performance of:

·            All surgery types on cervix

·            Removal of fibroids preserving uterus body

·            Removal of ovarian cysts preserving ovary

·            Reconstructing surgery for blockage of fallopian tubes

·            Removal of concrescences on the tubes and ovaries

·            Surgical healing of prolapse and incontinence

·            All types of surgical treatment of myomas, cysts endometriosis, malignant formations on the female genital organs


The surgery is conducted by:

·            Open interventions.

·            Laparoscopic access - Through small incisions in the abdomen, video camera and two or three manipulators are placed by which the surgery procedures are performed.

·            Robot-assisted system Da Vinci – this latest technique allows operations of different tumour types to be made with bigger precision. The robot-assisted operation is the most sparing one ensuring smaller blood loss, very short postoperative period and exceptionally fast recovery.


Our physicians always work to the benefit of patients conducting each examination and manipulation at high professional level. In this way, they not only diagnose and treat particular diseases, but also take overall care in order to improve the health condition of their patients.