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Internal diseases office

The internal medicine specialists of medical center „Doverie“ perform the following procedures:


•  Examinations, consultations and treatment of internal diseases

•  Consultations and referring to in-patient treatment

•  Examinations of patients with high risk of cardiovascular diseases and determining the indicators coronary risk

•  Ultrasound study of abdomen organs and small pelvis 

•  Reporting respiratory indicators 

•  Anthropometric assessment of obesity

•  Taking sputum and nasopharyngeal secretion for microbiological and cytological studies  

•  Expertise for temporary disability 

•  Delivering medical referral for highly specialised procedures and studies, if necessary 



The multidisciplinary approach elaborated by supporting active connection with the specialised physicians from the hospital departments is the main advantage of our internists. In combination with the up-to-date equipment of their offices and the rich set of opportunities of the diagnostic units it enables efficient and high quality treatment of diseases.