Медицински комплекс ДОВЕРИЕ

Internal diseases office
Начало/Internal diseases office

Internal diseases office

The internal medicine is comprehensive medical specialty oriented to the diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation of great many acute and chronic diseases. In dialogue with a number of interdisciplinary fields its subject are the following diseases:


·         respiratory system (pulmonology) 

·         heart and blood circulation (cardiology) 

·         gastro-intestinal system (gastroenterology)

·         kidneys and urinary tract (nephrology)

·         blood and blood-forming organs (haematology)

·         metabolism and endocrine glands (endocrinology)

·         immune system (immunology)

·         connective tissue (rheumatology)

·         infection diseases and poisoning (toxicology) 

·         tumours (oncology)


Due to their multidisciplinary medical knowledge the physician's internists conduct detailed examinations on the overall health condition of their patients.