Медицински комплекс ДОВЕРИЕ

Office for ears, nose and throat
Начало/Office for ears, nose and throat

Office for ears, nose and throat

The otorhinolaryngology (or ears, nose and throat) is medical science dealing with occurrence, treatment and prevention of diseases of ears and rhinopharynx.


These organs belong to three different functional systems – nervous, respiratory and digestive whose common point is the head base. The close proximity of tissues is a serious prerequisite for the fast spread of disease states between them. Many diseases are taking their course simultaneously in 2 or more systems which requires their treatment by the same specialist. 


The otorhinolaryngology has two main lines:

v  Otology – it studies the diseases of ears and the hearing disorders 

v Otoneurology  – it studies the diseases of organs of equilibrium and hearing and neurological disturbances of hearing 

v Rhinolaryngology  – it studies the diseases of nose paranasal sinuses and rhinopharynx 


Diseases of ear, nose and throat:

v  pain in ear

v  noise in ears

v  pain in throat

v  problems with sinuses 

v  furuncle in ear

v  acute inflammation in the middle ear 

v  chronic ear inflammation – otitis 

v  non-inflammatory diseases of ear

v  furuncle in nose

v  acute running nose

v  chronic running nose

v  acute laryngitis 

v  sinusitis