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Nephrology office

In the nephrology office of the medical complex ”Doverie” diagnostics, medication therapy and prevention are carried out of number of diseases of kidneys and urinary tract. 


The diseases that are most frequently met and treated by us 


1. Tubulo-interstitial diseases

  • Acute and chronic infections of urinary tract
  • Acute and chronic non-bacterial tubulo-interstitial nephritis, including gout lesions 

2. Glomerular diseases 

  • Primary glomerulonephritis
  • Secondary glomerular lesions for autoimmune diseases, immune vasculitis, systemic amyloidosis, etc.
  • Diabetic nephropathy 

3. Renal vascular diseases 

4. Chronic renal insufficiency in all respects 

5. Acute renal insufficiency 

6. Renal stone disease 

7. Diseases of urinary tract


In their work, the specialists nephrologists conduct a number of pain-free laboratory and hardware studies in close relation with the diagnostic structures of the hospital. These are:


The nephrology office works in close relation and interaction with Urology department. The department offers rich opportunities for diagnostic refinement and treatment of concomitant urological pathology.