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Paediatric office
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Paediatric office

The paediatrics is a medical specialty which tracks the physical and neuro-psychological development of child organism, diagnostics and treatment of children diseases. The paediatric diseases has specific features different from those in adult individuals and this requires their good knowledge in order to achieve quality and efficient treatment.


The most frequent diseases of children are the following:

·         acute virus infection of upper respiratory tract 

·        diseases of lower respiratory tract 

·         digestive disorders 

·         infections of urinary system


Within the child consultation the paediatricians perform the following:

·         tracking the physical and neuro-psychological development of child

·         tracking the child nutrition

·         prevention of problems that are frequently met – rickets, obesity, hypotrophy, anaemia, disturbances in skeletal and muscular system 

·         prevention of diseases and conditions hereditary tainted 

·         mandatory and recommended immunisations 

·         appointing laboratory and imaging studies 


Increasing the body defence of child’s organism and forming healthy immunity is a key aim both of child’s parents and paediatrician. The key prerequisites are :

·         proper child bearing – the development of organism depends very much on the mother’s way of living during pregnancy 

·         wholesome food diet staring with the breast-breeding 

·         adequate hygiene regimen 

·         timely and adequate care at symptoms appearance in order to avoid continuous medication treatment or surgical interventions